Natalia Wilk | Aquasomatic Practices
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Aquasomatic Practices

Aquasomatic practices

becoming a body of water

… hold your breath, surrender and enjoy the falling.

Aquasomatic practises is program based on freediving exercises, breath holding, meditation in water and being moved by liquid element. It focuses on deepening relaxation and allowing the body to be moved through surrendering to the water environment. The practise leads from establishing a connection to a self, self and water and further nonverbal communication with others. It’s about gaining a comfort and cosy feeling of moving withough gravitation limits and experiencing water as surrounding that more we give in to – more support it offers. Giving up resistance and allowing to enjoy the fall.

By series of exercises coming from freediving, watsu, and water CI I facilitate a nonjudgmental environment of safe experiencing each owns potential  of movement, sensations and falling into non-gravity.  I focus on physical parameters of breathing, tension  and weight to allow other dimension of experience happen.

I invite to swim in each others ocean.
Let’s float together!