Natalia Wilk | Aquasomatic Practices
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Aquasomatic Practices

Aquasomatic practices

In the end we will only conserve what we love

we will only love what we understand

and we will only understand what we are thought.

Baba Dioum, 1968

During Aquasomatic Practices workshops I offer series of exercises, talks, visual and somatic applications allowing to understand the connection human has with ocean and global water system.

It’s a time for deepen relaxation and surrendering towards water environment, experience water as surrounding that more we give in to – more support it offers. That meeting and sharing is a big lesson of giving up the resistance and allowing to let go, fall.

By series of exercises coming from freediving, watsu, aquahara and water CI I create an environment where one can feel safe, carried and cared about. I focus on physical parameters of breathing, tension  and weight to allow other dimension of experience happen.

I allow us to swim in each other’s oceans.