Natalia Wilk | CHORA
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by Sandra Man and Moritz Majce

How does a space move us and how does it change when we move in it? The relationship between nature and humans is the topic of Chora. Chora is a space choreography. It exists in the interspace between images, objects, texts, performers and visitors.

performance // Zoé Alibert, Eli Cohen, Judith Förster, Charlie Fouchier, Assi Pakkanen, Florencia Martina,
Gian Mellone, Sonia Noya, Stephan B. Quinci, Laura Siegmund, Maya Weinberg, Natalia Wilk

production// Patricia Oldenhave

Idea, Space Choreography, Videos // Moritz Majce +Sandra Man

premiere // 5.–9.11.2019 at Open Spaces-Festival of Tanzfabrik Berlin

link //