Natalia Wilk | Drying out / Trockenheit
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Drying out / Trockenheit

Drying out / Trockenheit 

COVID-19 shut downfall the pools in Berlin. No more training, no more water classes, no more freediving courses. 

Summer 2020 is claimed to bring the drought of the century. No water, No water, No water!

I am looking for it in myself, I am an ocean, I have the peace in mind, I hold the breath and dive deep to drink from the spring! 

Human and environment. 

concept & dry diving  // Natalia Wilk

cinematography // Zé de Paiva & Kathleen Kunath

editing // Natalia Wilk, Zé de Paiva

special thanks to // Joscha Krutzki, Kathleen Kunath, Zé de Paiva

@Berlin, 2020

link //