Natalia Wilk | 9-10th October / Freediving meets Contact Impro / dance and water workshops
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9-10th October / Freediving meets Contact Impro / dance and water workshops

freediving // dance // water // aqua-somatic practises // CI

Keep calm and be water.


Moving in non-gravity environment, feeling comfortable while breath-holding, communicating with partner through water element and using floating and buoyancy to ease an effort while partnering in the dance. Staying soft, non-resisting, surrendering, moving from the place of a deep relaxation and discovering aesthetic through functionality are some of the core elements that will accompany us during the weekend.

Friday // Salon Verde // Remise // Am Treptower Park 28
We will start on land with introduction to human physiology and hydropheminizm/ body of water as a theoretical concept to be practically explored – in series of senses engaging and nonverbal communication skills awakening exercises. Focusing on breathing will help us understand how trainings it’s specific methods can improve feeling save underwater.

Saturday// Liquidrom
We meet in water in Liquidrom, devoting time for exploring a self, buddy and team constellations in water, practising quality touch and surrendering to the physical conditions of the liquid element.

I am happy to invite you to explore the fun and release of being, playing and dancing with water. I’m Natalia – former swimmer, freediving instructor (Molchanovs, SSI) and never ending WATSU explorer, working on the field of dance and performance art. Offering WATSU sessions, swimming classes and freediving courses, exploring Movement, body waves and all variety of incredible skills human has!

Organisational info :
Friday 9th 18-21.00 / Salon Verde / Am Treptower Park 28
& Saturday10th of October 2020 10-14.00 / Liquidrom
(as long as you want to stay )

The Liquidrom is not reserved for us only – there will be other people not taking part in the workshops. Be kind and share space

With the new booking system we can book the spots in advance. Please make sure you do it through internet (enough in advance) so that we can all enter Liquidrom on Saturday 10th of October


for Friday : comfortable clothes, notebook, yourself and water to drink!

for Saturday : – swimsuit – towel – NOSECLIP!!! – flip flops

– places are limited : max. 8 people

– language : english

– costs : 70 euro / entrance to Liquidrom is not included in the price!

for booking your spot and in cas
e of any questions – message me via fb or using :

FB event

Happy to float with you soon !