Natalia Wilk | Global WAR{ming} exercise
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Global WAR{ming} exercise
(dry edition)

What if flood?

What if the end of the world?

How would we survive, move, have sex under water?

How to become a PREPARS for things you cannot be prepared in terms of your physical abilieties?

Learn to swim!


Fascinated by aquatic body works, diving, swimming and state of no-gravity I’m dealing with recreating it on surface. Physical struggle to live in wonderland, Atlantis. Establishing a land of dreams through oneself water experiment.


Ongoing life long distance process.


Concept and dance: Natalia Wilk


started within a frame of

  •  E-motional rethinking dance residency in Bacau, Romania, May 2015
  • Teatr Rozbark TTiR residency, Bytom, December 2015/January 2016

photos: Maria Bucur