Natalia Wilk | Columna serpentinata_Twisted Prayer
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Art, Photography

Columna Serpentinata_Twisted Prayer
If the physical spine is bended could the moral one stay straight? Does physicality of oneself body corresponds literally with emotions/mind? In my solo I treat spine as the playground, giving it freedom to does choices, lead the movement, decide on horizontal or vertical placement. ‚Constant mobility cause the morality’. This organ is made for spiral, to move, amortise , adapt to posture. Is it the same with moral spine that would relatively adapt to whatever comes?


choreography&concept: Natalia Wilk

artistic tutor – Pia Meuthen (Panama Pictures Dance Theatre)

music – Wolfram

production: club ŻAK, Gdańsk

in frame of: Residency/Premiere2012

  • Gdańsk Dance Festival 2012
  • Shakespeare Theatre Festival in Yerevan, Armenia, 2013
  • Kroki Dance Festival in Kraków, 2013

photo: Przemysław Kozłowski, Andrzej Janikowski