Natalia Wilk | Small Room Syndrome
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Small Room Syndrome

Polish living conditions, life’s programming- tiny rooms, block of flats, thin walls trough which you can perfectly listen to and almost participate in private life of your neighbours. 

Poland is fifth country from down the list of tiny living record in European Union. How does it affect the behaviour, the way we move? Pushing, being pushed. Being shy. Being sorry. Speaking not too loud. Living not too loud. Living not to speak.

Making ourselves polite in manner of ergonomics of the body / not step into somebodies else Lebensraum.




Concept: Natalia Wilk

Pictures: Mohamad Faraji

Dance: Magdalena Fejdasz, Paulina Jóźwicka, Katarzyna Sikora, Natalia Wilk

Warsaw, 2014



password: pieslajka