Natalia Wilk | SYRENY
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performance// instalation// costume
multidisciplinary, multi-kulti, multitask oriented performance unified by the wavy notion of dreaming in one ocean.
Mermaids, Bacterias, ungraspable waters of inner and outer somatic ocean. Be water my friend!
concept: Malwina Kajetańczyk
curating: Ada Kowalczyk
choreography: Natalia Wilk
costumes: Ewelina Czaplicka-Ruducha
music: Kacper Ruducha
voice, singing: Ksenia Shaushyshvili
performers: Mawlina Kajetańczyk, Irina Nirsha, Natalia Wilk
technician: Dawid Król
Projectrealized in frame of Wschód Kultury Festival- Europejski Stadion Kultury and in colaboration with Chemistry and Biology Institute at Rzeszów University.
photo: Ira Nirsha, Ewelina Czaplicka-Ruducha, Przemysław Wiśniewski