Natalia Wilk | Water Choreography
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Choreography // Water Workshops

fot. Vanessa Coronel

freediving // apnea// immersion // dancing in waters // water contact impro // no gravity

Water Choreography is investigation in movement in water. 

Research derives from my experience in Water Contact Impro, freediving, competitive swimming and being WATSU practitioner  – but also limitless fascination by the ocean and underwater world. 

I am eager to bring creative tools, body awareness and expressing a self by dance into water environment – with hardly sensed gravity pull, suspense and never-ending sensation of being supported and carried.  

Less we fight against the water pressure and motion, less we focus on urge to breath – more can we surrender and allow to be carried, abandoning fighting against gravity, verticality, tensing. 

Water is a perfect transmitter of inner state onto partner. In contact in water we inevitably share our inner tensions, fears, feeling relaxed or safe. Partner becomes the mirror of our own input, reflecting what we give. The quality of touch in water is the essence of contact with other and with a self. 

Those and other aspects of being in water, becoming an ocean and swimming in others combined with basic freediving skills  I offer and share during workshops from Aquasomatic Practises.